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Diversity Engagement

The $8.5 million South Main Street Improvements project is a major public infrastructure investment designed to revitalize Southeast Gainesville.

Led by the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in partnership with the City of Gainesville and Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU), a major project objective is equal opportunity and accessibility.

Supporting small businesses and buying from local vendors has been a project priority from day one.

  • The South Main Street construction project is projected to employ approximately 12 trade subcontractors.
  • Construction is expected to create 70 direct jobs and support 73 indirect jobs, according to IMPLAN methodology.
  • Nearly 100 percent of the prime contractors utilized in the project are local, with offices located within a 50-mile radius of the site.
  • Approximately 20 percent of the contract value was awarded to small, women, or minority-owned business enterprises (S/WMBE).

Oelrich Construction, the construction manager contracted with reconstructing the roadway, is a small, veteran-owned business based in Alachua County.

The Oelrich Construction team worked closely with the Gainesville CRA and City of Gainesville’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) to engage small businesses in the construction of the roadway. Strategies utilized to engage diverse vendors on this project included:

  • Hosting an on-site pre-bid meeting in advance of the bid due date and reviewing plans with vendors
  • Sharing project bidding opportunities with local trade subcontractors and on social media
  • Inviting industrial businesses and suppliers located directly along the South Main Street corridor to participate in the project
  • Splitting up bid packages into smaller contracts that may be more approachable for smaller vendors that may not otherwise meet the bonding requirements when appropriate
  • Identifying new prospective vendor partners through events like the City OEO’s 2nd Annual Matchmaker Vendor Fair and University of Florida Small Business and Vendor Diversity Relations’ Annual Vendor Opportunity Fair
  • Setting a project-specific goal of 15-20 percent S/WMBE vendor participation and company-wide goal of 30 percent S/WMBE vendor participation
  • Submitting quarterly diversity reports to the OEO office, to highlight successes and identify areas to grow

Think Big: Buy Local

Concrete for the South Main Street project is being sourced from Cementos Argos—a local ready-mix and block concrete plant located directly along South Main Street.

Oelrich Construction is sourcing project supplies from other businesses along the South Main Street corridor, including Jeffcoat Signs, Mister Paper, and Graybar.

Branding and marketing for the South Main project is being designed by Liquid Creative, a local, woman-owned, small business located on South Main Street.

The South Main Street Improvements project is a community-driven initiative designed to spark growth, creativity, and economic opportunity.

Here you can get answers to general questions about the CRA’s Destination South Main improvement project, as well as responses to our most Frequently Asked Questions — straight from the mouths of Gainesville’s experts in city planning, community safety, utilities, project build-out and construction, and more.


Destination South Main is focused on the ¾ of a mile corridor between Depot Avenue and South 16th Avenue.

Early stages of the improvement project have already begun, and the Destination South Main project is slated to be completed in entirety by December 2018. To track project progress, visit our project update page.

A registered small, veteran-owned business, Oelrich Construction, is the Construction Manager overseeing a diverse team of local sub-contractors responsible for building the vision.

Yes! The maintenance of business during construction is a major priority for the project. While temporary lane closures may occur on the corridor, the road and its businesses will remain open and accessible while improvements are being made.
Destination South Main is being carried out with the best interest of local businesses in mind! Planning for the project included goals to support existing businesses, attract new investments, and prepare the corridor for future needs and additional users. Find out more about plans and benefits for business owners on South Main.

Designing for today and planning for tomorrow.  Once complete, the project will include safe & accessible pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular accommodations; convenient and inviting public parking amenities; visual character improvements to the corridor, all while supporting vehicular access, flow of traffic, and existing and future businesses.

Yes, placing the existing overhead utilities will improve reliability, enhance the visual character of the corridor, and increase the buildable area of private properties along the corridor.

Approximately $8.5M for the reconstruction of the ¾ mile corridor that will include utility undergrounding, additional and improved pedestrian crosswalks, enhanced bicycle facilities, 100 new street trees, additional 1.25 acres of greenspace, innovative stormwater facilities, and street resurfacing to include new traffic lane configuration.

The Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency